Originated in Hungary, Europe, ArenaRacer was founded in 2018 with one mission

"Feel You Difference." and "Chair For Me." in seating experience.

Specifications and Care

  • How Do I Clean My Chair?

    Coverings are very easy to clean, regardless of which material you choose. By using a microfibre cloth and a little water, stains and dirt can be removed quickly. For more serious soiling from substances such as ink, rubbing alcohol should be used. In order to increase the longevity of your gaming chair, a good real leather / imitation leather conditioner should be applied weekly – this helps protect the material from cracking, wear and moisture.

  • What Materials Are AR Made From?

    We employ these premium materials for all AR products:
    – Options for real leather or PU faux leather coverings
    – Rear cover made from PU leather
    – A sturdy frame made from solid steel
    – Comfy & breathable high-density cold foam upholstery straight from the factory
    – Durable five-star base and logo emblem made from pure aluminium
    – Casters with a nylon core and PU coating for soft and hard floors
    – Softly cushioned 4D armrests made of Polyurethane


  • How Do I Choose Which Chair Is Right For Me?

    If you’d like to ask in-depth questions on which chair will fit you better according to your specific needs, either visit the flagship store for face to face consultation, or send us a message with your inquiries through our contact form.

    Forme series are more formal for office and home use.

    Soleseat series are more e-sports to gamers.

    Player series are more for corporate meeting rooms.

"Feel You Difference" and "Chair For Me" in seating experience.

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